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The Massachusetts Massacre | January 24, 2010

Relax republicans, while the dems have lost big here there are no winners other than senator Brown as yet.  Confusion reigns amongst democrats as to the meaning of this event.  They know voters wanted healthcare reform in the last election but they have rejected it to an exponential degree here.  Republicans seem to believe Americans want the status quo.   Are you kidding me?   Are either of these parties capable of serving the American people?                                                                                                                                                          Let me put this clearly and simply for the administration and the congress both.  The people do not reject healthcare reform, they reject this healthcare monstrosity.  As usual the people understand that something of this magnitude cannot and should not be done quickly and all at once.  Something smaller yet significant and effective could insure millions who currently or in the near future will be uninsured.  The expansion of Medicare to age 55 or a compromise to 62 coupled with real tort reform could pass and make a huge difference.  Either or both political parties could ride a wave of success by proposing these measures.  There is opportunity here for politicians to make a difference and to reap the rewards for it.  Personally I’m not holding my breath though.


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