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The Reading Room | January 22, 2010

A while back I came to realize that I wasn’t reading anymore.  In this world of hundreds of tv stations Dvds,movie channels, etc., there wasn’t time.  Well I didn’t change my routines or make any earth shattering moves, ( like I did 30 years ago when I bought an exercise machine.)  No instead I just sighed  and made some microwave popcorn.  Ahh, but  the seeds of change had been planted in my mind and in some deep sense I knew that, even as I munched away and watched channel 154 (The hyper captains of industry history channel or something like that.)  Inevitably those seeds bore fruit when one day I moved the magazine rack I once got for Christmas into the bathroom.  At first I stocked it with the usual, Readers Digest, ESPN the magazine, etc.  But one way or another, I don’t remember the details, an unread novel made its way in there and well nature just took it’s course.                                                                                                             .                                                                                                                                                                    Now I realize that Tom Clancy and Steven King  and  all the rest  did not have this in mind when they labored tirelessly over their work.  But they did have in mind that people would read. And thru this joint effort, writer and reader would bring forth this metamorphosis of entertainment, art,  and knowledge. Now have no doubt it is a joint effort, reading and writing.  Without the reader a writer is merely a tool of futility and frustration.  So the point of it all.  Whether the reading room is a den, a bedroom, or the loo, make good use of it.

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