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Anderson Cooper not taking comments on Healthcare | December 23, 2009

After fulfilling his obligatory defense of ANYTHING  liberal Mr. Cooper’s “informational blog ” on health care reform stopped taking comments from readers. Oh how cynical can I be. To even suggest that the comments might not be running the right way and thus no need to see them might  brand me  as a paranoid kook.  Ok it is probably unfair of me but I can’t help but take the opportunity to put the thought in some of your heads.  Here’s a few other thoughts.   My mother always told me that if someone tries to sell you something and they tell you to act fast, right now, or you’ll miss out, you had better run.  A dispirited  George W.Bush started this series of  “hurry up”   executive actions and legislative  “2 minute drills” with the first financial bailouts.  And now it continues as if this is the only sensible way to conduct our nation’s   business.                                                  The hurry up and act technique got us the “stimulus package” that has buried our grandchildren in hopeless debt, and the only stimulus has been to the unemployment rate.  It also “saved our financial system”  or at least the bonus packages that the best and brightest of our financial giants seem to need in order to continue guiding us thru these troubled waters.                                     But now we have reserved the best for last.  Now we have to hurry and pass the massive “health reform bill”,  otherwise known as  the destroy and replace with whatever we can get bill.  I wonder how many Americans know that if you currently have a “Cadillac insurance plan”, ( If you are covered at work you most likely do) ,  a 40 percent   tax on that plan is headed your way.  Unless you are a member of certain labor unions that is.  I’m not sure about Nebraska residents,  I only know that they don’t have to pay medicaid taxes like the rest of us chumps.   And of course the best news is that although we start paying taxes and fees on this monstrosity right away there are no benefits paid out for several years, joy joy.                                                       Now here is where I make a radical suggestion, slow down.   Instead of  this insanity why don’t we start fixing what’s wrong with this incredible system we have now.  Lets have a real debate, much like the presidential debates,  and have a real solid look at these problems.  Come to think of it maybe we could have a real debate about other large problems we face.  Immigration,  global warming, etc.  I can’t be the only person in America who is sick of seeing talking heads screaming at each other.  Lets have a structured series of debates conducted by legislators and the president.  Crazy  huh.


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